Quotes about selected chapters from the Memoirs of Jacques Leiser

"I have read three chapters of Jacques Leiser's book of memoirs - on Richter, Michelangeli, and Berman.  They offer fascinating and irreplaceable insights into the characters of these three giants of the keyboard.  Essential reading not only for students of the piano, but for the general musician as well"

DR. ALAN WALKER - author & Liszt authority


"the manuscript - it's just so fascinating, I can't put it down - I have a thousand comments about the whole project. It's tremendously worthwhile and so exciting. I think you need to shape more details into the narrative. You have enough material on Richter to do a book on him alone. These are stories that have to be told. This is a wonderful project - thank you so much".

DANIEL CARRIAGA - former Chief critic Los Angeles Times


"I found Jacques Leiser's accounts of his pursuit (and persuasion) of the artists he dealt with fascinating. The insight into these complex personalities from a vantage point not often seen is part of the interest. The other part is the chance to watch an "impresario" at work, an occupation very little understood by concertgoers in general. The real behind-the-scenes activity makes quite a story."

SHIRLEY FLEMING -  former Editor, American Record Guide and Editor of Musical America, New York Post critic.


"This is a book, if I saw it in a  bookstore, that I would buy immediately. I always suspected that these magnificent careers didn't happen all by themselves--that great talent alone doesn't  make and sustain a great career. Your book sets the record straight. (I love details like Richter's hatred of the phone, and Michelangeli's poor business sense in attempting to start his own record company."

RICK SCHULTZ - music journalist, critic - Los Angeles


"I'd be happy to provide an introduction to your memoirs. Let's hope you find a publisher who's as eager to publish them as I am to read them."

TED LIBBEY  -  former producer National Public Radio, former Editor High Fidelity Magazine, music critic Washington Post and New York Times


" It is a lifetime of work that documents so much of piano history through  great artists".

JUDY NELSON - Editor of Clavier Magazine


"You have magnificent photographs and fascinating stories. Thank you for this magnificent package. I've just finished reading your Lazar Berman story and am just shaking my head in amazement. I like it very much and will be delighted to share my enthusiasm with our publishing board. As I suspected, your photographs also are superb, and to think that 35 of them could illustrate your book is exciting."

EVE GOODMAN - former Editor of Amadeus Press


"In Jacques Leiser the world of classical music has an international treasure. His often bracing memoir of an era now vanished gives voice to what great artists and artistry were once all about. Whether describing the precarious risks of doing  business,  in the name of art, in  communist era Russia,  or tending patiently to the impatient desires of musical giants such as Michelangeli and Richter, this is a riveting read. It is also a testament to our time that future generations will enjoy as much as venerate."

JOHN BELL YOUNG - journalist, critic, St. Petersburg Times


"I have just devoured all 22 unnumbered pages of your Michelangeli chapter. What you have in your memory is priceless and will be exciting reading for the music public worldwide. Your writing is exciting. Your memories are for eternity. Musicians around the world, as well as the music public at large, have to have your book."

DEAN ELDER - former Editor of Clavier Magazine


"Jacquesc Leiseršs long and eventful managerial career is certainly the stuff of which memoirs are made. The chapters I have sampled relating to Richter, Michelangeli and Berman offer rare insights into the personalities of these enigmatic artists. That Leiser was able to gain their trust and confidence is testament both to his professionalism and to sheer tenacity. Both are manifested in abundance in this engrossing read."

ERNEST GILBERT - President VAI Records and Video


"I have read the sample chapters you sent with extreme enthusiasm. I believe that the experience and stories you have shared with these great artists have never been told before and that your book will offer a unique perspective on a Golden Age of music making (gathering the heirs of the 19th century tradition ? like Cortot or Fischer -, those who have become legends - Callas, Haskil, Oistrakh - and musicians who are the leading artists of today, such as Pollini). It is invaluable to read an insider's view on that world".

"PIERRE JUBAN - Musee du Louvre, author and critic


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